Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun Night Out at a Wedding!

On Saturday our good friend Ryan married his fiancee Laura! The ceremony and reception were at the Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club, right on the water. It was super humid that day, and the guys were all wearing suits, but I think the brief ceremony and the cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony definitely helped. I was in the shade the whole time holding Pete and Shannon's baby girl Audrey, so I remained unaffected by the direct sunlight. But the heat! If you've ever held a baby you know how hot it can be. She and I were both glistening and to top it off I'm pregnant and sweltering anyway! She was an absolute angel though. Shannon told me she was afraid Audrey would cry for me because she's been crying for everyone, but she was perfectly quiet for me. She's a little doll!

The ceremony
They handed out butterflies and had everyone make a wish for them and release their butterfly!
Dave, Steve, Brian and Dave. Playing the movie game. The movie game used to be fun until they turned it into some sort of volleyball related shenanigan. All night they were talking about spiking and digging, and I was like "Can't you just make a connection between movies without the nonsense?" Plus, it was not classy!
The food was soooo good! Here is the Caesar salad, and it was delicious.
For dinner Brian and I both chose the surf and turf option over vegetarian. Brian used to be a vegetarian. When we started dating he ate no meat. Then he switched to eating chicken. The day he decided to start eating red meat was the happiest day of my life. Okay, maybe not really. But I was really happy. And trust me, we enjoyed this meal very much. Every bit was delicious!
The centerpiece.
We had a lot of fun at the wedding. Brian spent a lot of time talking with the guys, which gave me time to talk Anna and Stephanie. I was also able to enjoy a few delicious Shirley Temples. It was a great night. Congratulations Ryan and Laura!

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