Sunday, June 6, 2010

Waterparking It

On Friday I took the kids to the waterpark to visit "Daddy's work." We had actually gone to see Brian at the end of the day on Thursday (just to visit), and since he has no air conditioning in the Jeep he decided to ride home with us. So we needed to drive him to work on Friday, and since we were out that way (and school is still in session so all the bigger kids were in school) we decided to make a morning of it.

The kids had a blast! Wyatt is much more independent this year in terms of going down the kiddie slides. I'm able to go down before him with Reese and he meets me at the bottom, or we go down different slides at the same time. He was so funny because on the way to the park we were discussing the rules for the park (that's our new thing - to talk about the rules before we get somewhere), and we told him that the number one rule was to stay with Mommy, and the number two rule was no running. This resulted in a lot of "Why can't I run Mommy?, and What does running is the number one cause of injury at water parks mean Mommy?" questions. I am in love with the "why's." (not.) Anyway, when we were walking up to the slides he would hold Reese's hand and say "Reesie, I am going to be very angry if you run. There's no running at the waterpark. Don't run away from me! We all have to stay together."

When we got to the larger pool with smaller slides Wyatt walked up alone, but I helped Reese to the top of the stairs and then met her at the bottom. The both loved it!

Wyatt decided to beat up a jet.
And apparently was astonished by something.
They had a great time, and he passed out on the way home. Unfortunately, he wouldn't go to sleep when we got home, so that made for a fun afternoon (that seriously, got significantly more "fun" as the afternoon wore on, but that's a topic for a different post). I can't wait to take them back!

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