Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hanging Out!

This little guy is getting so big!  He is really starting to enjoy his exersaucer in short periods of time and is doing a great job holding himself up.

He has been teething like CRAZY this week, and constantly felt the need to gnaw on my fingers.  I have read really great things about Sophie the giraffe, so I ordered one for Hudson this week when I ordered Wyatt's birthday presents from Amazon.  He is in love.  Her legs and even her neck are so easy for him to grip.  When I give it to him he happily chomps on it.  He even likes the squeaking (which reminds me more of a dog toy!).

His hair is also turning redder by the day.  At this point he almost has auburn highlights throughout his head.  Basically, this little boy has the hair and eyelashes that most women want - ha!  He also happens to have a pretty adorable smile if I do say so myself!

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