Monday, March 7, 2011

My Birthday Weekend

I had a really great birthday weekend!  On Friday my mom came over to watch the kids so Brian and I could go out to eat.  She even got here an hour early so that I could get ready without having children run in and out of the bathroom and brought me a new shirt and sweater!  She and my dad also got me two new charms for my Pandora bracelet (my dad is probably finding out that he got me the charms as he reads this blog post).  I got Wyatt's (and also my) birthstone and Reese's birthstone.  I'm still constantly hunting for a discontinued lion that all the girls in my family have (except me).

Brian and I went to Outback and the meal was excellent.  I started off the meal with a margarita with Malibu - amazing (so amazing that I drank two).  We also got an ahi tuna appetizer that was delicious, and a strawberry waffle dessert that was amazing.  My sirloin was a little overcooked, but the crab cakes and salad that came with it were great.  I love that place.  Brian loves their 23 ounce Miller Lite drafts.  He swears Outback beer tastes much better than anyone else's!

My actual birthday was Saturday, and I got to sleep in!  I actually got to sleep through the night!  Brian stayed on the couch with Hudson in his swing and woke up with him in the middle of the night.  I don't even know when the last time that happened was!  I slept from 11:00 to 5:00 and then woke up on my own.  I managed to fall back asleep until the late hour of 7:45.  Crazy I know!  Brian also went to get me a Key Lime pie that afternoon.  It was so good!

After doing my sister's make up for ring dance we came home to drop the kids off with Brian's parents so we could go see The Adjustment Bureau. It was pretty good.  The ending sucked.  Brian and I wanted it to end  the exact opposite of the way it did.

We ended my birthday weekend with an absolutely nasty day of running errands - Dick's to buy Wyatt a new baseball glove and tee and then Target for "essentials."  We were able to cut into my birthday cake last night after we watched the Imagination Movers concert on Disney.  My kids are seriously obsessed with that show.  This morning they were playing in Wyatt's room and I heard the following conversation:

Wyatt: "Reesie, do you want to put this puzzle together?"
Reese: "No Wyatt, I can't by myself."
Wyatt: "Reesie, you can't put a puzzle together?  This isn't a problem, it's an..."
Wyatt: "We need to help Reese figure out how to put a puzzle together.  LET'S BRAINSTORM!"

And then they started to sing the Brainstorm song together.  They crack me up!

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