Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wisdom from Wyatt

We keep Wyatt's school mornings as routine as possible.  He wakes up (when it's still dark out - ugh)and then watches TV or plays quietly while we try to get a little more sleep.  Around 7 he eats breakfast and starts getting ready for the day.  We try to turn off the TV or turn it to Mike and Mike so he doesn't get distracted and instead focuses on what he needs to do to get out the door.  The last step in his morning is taking one last trip to the bathroom to use the restroom and brush his teeth.

This morning I sent him to the bathroom to do both of those things.  In the mornings I usually let him brush his own teeth and then we take turns at night before bed  He came out of the bathroom and said he was so happy that his breath smelled "apple-y."  I corrected him and told him that his toothpaste actually smells like strawberries. He said, "No mom.  It smells like apples.  I used the soap on the counter instead because I like how it smells!"  He then pointed to his toothbrush where I could see the remnants of Bath & Body Works' Farm Fresh Apple soap.  Awesome.

He has also decided that naps are for little kids.  Or something like that.  He doesn't take them anymore.  We've negotiated at 2 hour quiet time in his room in lieu of the nap (because I would probably lose my mind if he didn't), but I still don't feel like he gets enough sleep.  We've kept his bedtime routine since he was a baby (switched it a little bit, but still the same thing every night), so I don't know what to do.  Brian and I are not okay with TV's in their rooms (and we would still have to get up to turn it on even if we were), so we can't just tell him to stay in there until we're up.  And honestly, I really don't feel like he's getting enough sleep at all.  He sleeps about and or two less than Reese does at night and he doesn't take a nap - while she usually sleeps for and hour and a half or two hours.  So some days he ends up getting 4 hours less sleep than his sister who's only 16 months younger.  Yikes. Any tips on this would be appreciated!

He's already signed up for T ball and we're waiting to hear back about that and we're probably also signing him up for soccer.  This kid is going to need sleep this spring!

Speaking of which a few other little things he's said lately:
While we were driving around the ball fields where he'll be playing we saw a softball team.  Wyatt's reaction? "Hey!  What are those girls doing here?  Girls DON'T play baseball!  Tell them to get off the field!"

When he came home with his Cat in the Hat hat broken (it's Dr. Seuss month at school): "Mom, Ethan butted me and made my hat break!"

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