Monday, March 28, 2011

Rainbow Cupcakes!

I was looking for a fun cupcake to make for Wyatt's class for his birthday this week and I came across this recipe for rainbow cupcakes!  Wyatt and I decided to "test out" the recipe before we sent them to school tomorrow.  So here is what we did....

1.  Made the white cake according to the box, and then split the dough between these six bowls.  (For the record, you don't have to color code the bowls.  But I figured it would be a fun way to use my Fiesta Ware.)

 2.  Follow the suggestions on the recipe to mix the colors.  I had an issue with making Reese purple cupcakes in the past - I guess I should have googled it!  It was spot on with the number of drops to make each color!
 3.  Pour the dough into the cupcake liners, layering by color.  You know, ROY G. BIV.  Be careful.  I overfilled my cupcakes.  They turned out kind of huge!
 4.  Frost (we chose orange - I think we'll go with green tomorrow) and give to happy children.
 5.  The less enthused children (or child) can also have a cupcake - she didn't want frosting.  The horror!
7.  Take a picture of what it looks like once you take a bite!  Way fun (and yummy)!

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  1. those cupcakes are awesome! I made a "rainbow cake" similar to that but i did separate layers instead of putting the different colored batter together. I will have to try that though I bet my son would love that!

    BTW- I used to live near colonial heights/petersburg/dinwiddie area, i think that is close to where you guys are?!