Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hudson's First Play Date

On Friday my friend Carolyn came over with Brooke and Joshua.  Joshua was born in January.  Brooke is only two and a half months older than Reese and Hudson is that much older than Joshua - weird huh?  At this age the boys don't really do any playing together (and Reese and Brooke didn't really either that day).  Part of the reason that I don't always like having play dates at home is because kids get distracted by toys.  If kids come here then they get distracted playing with our kids' toys and no one plays together.  And if I take my kids somewhere the same thing usually happens.  Going to the park or zoo or aquarium gets them more interaction with each other.  I think it just depends on the situation.

Anyway, Hudson and Joshua just hung out together for a little bit!  They are coming back to town at the end of the month so I'm hoping we can get together for a little bit, but I know it's such a hassle for them because they live so far away and both families are here.  I don't even know how they manage to split their time between everything they want to do while they're home!

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