Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wyatt's Very First T Ball Game!

We signed Wyatt up just under the wire for t ball this year.  He is absolutely loving it!  At his first practice he was all over the place, but he's gotten so much better about paying attention.  He is by far the youngest kid on his team - the cut off for the league is just a few days after his birthday, so he's actually the only kid there who's still 3 years old.  Fortunately his coach is really patient and understands what it's like to have little ones (he actually has three who are just as close in age as ours).

Wyatt's first scrimmage was on Tuesday.  We were a little anxious because Wyatt missed his last practice  because of a stomach bug, but he got there ready to play! (Warning - this is totally picture heavy.)

Sitting on the bench.  A few minutes later he actually fell off the bench.  Silly kid.

He was basically a roving infielder during the game.  That wasn't what he was assigned to do, but he chased the ball everywhere, every play.  He was positioned between first and second, and at one point he actually ran into left field to get the ball.

Heading up to his first at bat.

His first at bat.

He hit the ball up the middle and made it to first....

And second....

And third....he's running home.

And he scored!

After two "innings" in the infield his coach moved him to pitcher.  The chest thing is to protect him from a line drive.

Guess he was trying to get comfortable on his "mound."
When he was on deck he practiced hitting this ball on the pole.
He did a really great job hustling and stopping the ball and attempting to make plays (there was a throwing mishap at one point), and he went 3 for 3.  At the end of the game the coach gathered the team around and told them that after every game they were going to award the game ball to the player that hustled and tried really hard - and he gave the ball to Wyatt!  We were so proud of our little guy for doing such a great job in his first ever baseball game!
We are also extremely proud of his progress at school over the last few weeks, he's been doing an amazing job and progressing very well and we are so happy!

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  1. aww he looks so cute! I can't wait to start sports with my boys!