Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Animal Kingdom - Day 2!

We spent the second day of our "Disney Vacation" at Animal Kingdom.  Our first stop was the Safari.  Wyatt went into near panic mode when he realized that the "poacher" story line is no longer a part of the adventure.  He's been asking for years why Animal Kingdom keeps letting the poachers back in at night, but he was actually bothered that they weren't there anymore!
Hudson loved it!  He is much more into animals this year, and he loved seeing the giraffes, elephants, lions, and zebras.

We went to visit with the characters next.  Hudson really warmed up to  the idea of taking his book up to the characters to get their autographs, but he was pretty scared to get his picture taken with him.
Doesn't Reese look thrilled to be standing next to Pocahontas?  I promise she was!  Even Wyatt was happy to meet her because she was a Native American.  He still believes that these are the "real" characters, but Pocahontas became a bit of an issue.  "Mom, if Pocahontas lived a long, long time ago with John Smith, why is she here?  I thought you told me she got sick and died?"  Damn me and my need to teach my children the historical truths behind Disney's animated films.
I soooo wish I had time the week before we left to get his hair cut.  It was in his eyes the entire trip.  I am taking him tomorrow after school because it is pathetic! 

How little does Huddoo look with Tigger?  So sweet.  The rain foiled our day a bit again, but we were still able to have fun.

Allow me to take a moment to tell you about what is probably the absolute best parenting decision that Brian and I have ever made

Wyatt and Reese spent the entire week before we left watching a Disney Behind the Scenes documentary on Netflix.  They talked over and over and over again about riding the Dinosaur ride.  Like, they were both so excited to try it.  Until we got there.  Wyatt was too scared, but Reese wanted to ride.  We decided to just go. Wyatt tried to back out, but he had been talking about it so much that we didn't want him to miss it.

A smart parent probably would have ridden the ride first.  Or actually listened to their kid. But we thought he'd be disappointed if he didn't ride.

We were probably about as wrong as two people have probably ever been in their lives.  Wyatt spent the ride with his head on my shoulder crying.  I leaned over him saying, "It's okay, Mommy's here."  Over and over again.  Thinking that since I wanted to punch myself in the face for making my poor little boy sit through this, he was probably already plotting his revenge.
Reese was apparenly fine until the end.  That's when she broke down and Brian basically had to do the exact same thing.  Seriously.  Parents of the year right here. 
Fortunately it was one of those rides that takes pictures, so we actually got to see the photographic proof of our terrible parenting.  I'm not sure why we didn't buy it.  It really would have been an awesome souvenir to hang up.  And a good reminder for us to listen to our kids.
Forunately, they forgave us and no longer seem to be holding a grudge.  Probably because we took them to Downtown Disney to eat at the T-Rex restaurant (it was bright and airy so they weren't terrified), and then we let them build their own dinosaurs.  Because after the day they had, that was probably exactly what the needed.  To snuggle up with dinosaurs at bedtime.
Hudson has basically been to Build A Bear so much that he's an expert.

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