Friday, December 14, 2012

Magic Kingdom - Day 1!

As you can imagine, we were very excited to get to the Magic Kingdom on Sunday!  Because we are "Disney People," it is always exciting to come in and walk down Main Street for the first time.  But it's also amazing because our visit this year coincides with the opening of the brand new Fantasyland expansion.  We were all very excited to check it out.  We got the park extra early because we had extra magic hours that day, so we started visiting some characters before the lines got too long.
We met up with Snow White first....
And then Mary Poppins. (Honestly, Mary is probably not a character she's entirely familiar with.  This is more for me :)).
 We visited with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel next.  The princesses are just so amazing with these kids.  They know what to say to each of them to make them feel so special.  Reesie loves meeting them.  Rapunzel was talking to them about her hair!  Doesn't Hudson look enthused?  Wyatt was kind of over visiting princesses at this point, so he didn't really jump in on the action.  It makes me a little sad because he used to love visiting with them, but I know that he's all boy now and doesn't want a kiss on the cheek from some girl!
How cute is Finley's Minnie Mouse outfit?  She doesn't look to happy here, I know!  She's just grumpy.  Which reminds me that Wyatt has come across two Grumpy shirts in the shops here, and he's suggested to both Brian and I that we should buy them to wear when we are upset with him.  Ha!
Hudson was soooo excited to meet Buzz!
Family shot.  Excuse my Ergo hanging down.  Although Reese keeps telling me I'm in fashion because it looks like Ariel's fins!
Trying to get the Sword in the Stone to come out again.  I guess that something that's a once in a lifetime opportunity
Hudson wanted to get on it, too.  Reese is sulking because she didn't get to go first (trust me folks, it's not always a picnic.  Not even at "The Happiest Place on Earth.").
When we ventured over to Fantasyland we visited with Gaston.  Let's just say, he's just like he is in the movie.  He told Reese that she must be very excited to meet him.
Ariel has a new section in the new Fantasyland as well.  It was very exciting for Reese because it's the first time she's seen Ariel in her mermaid get up!  She taught Reese a special Starfish dance!
Baby Minnie hanging out with Daddy!  She got to go on her very first ride on Sunday - Dumbo!  She was tucked in her Ergo the whole time, but she definitely seemed to enjoy it.  If falling asleep counts as "enjoying it."  Ha!
 Brian and I outside Gaston's Tavern.  They have a new Disney World concoction on sale - LeFeu's Brew.  It's frozen apple juice and mango and toasted marshmallow and it is yummy!  I also peaked my head into the new store and bought myself a wine glass with Belle and the Beast on it.  Because when I drink my wine, I want it to be Disney-fied.

It was a HOT day, but we had a great time on our first day at the Magic Kingdom!  I love that even though every day has it's own rough spot at some point along the way (can you say "meltdown?"), we're still able to have so much fun together.  One thing I love is seeing parents with their teenagers here.  It's just such a wonderful place to come and keep your kids engaged because they still have things that big kids like to do, too! 

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  1. What fun you guys are having! Love seeing your pictures. We are going there after Christmas!