Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Christmas Eve

As usual, we spent Christmas Eve at my parents' house.  Because we spent the week before Christmas battling a stomach bug and catching up from being out of town (no worries, I will finish updating about Disney soon), we spent the last few days before Christmas rushing around like maniacs.  We thought we were so prepared before we left - and we were thank goodness.  If we hadn't gotten the stomach bug we would have been in great shape! 
On Christmas Eve Brian had to run out for stocking stuffers, and then I had to go grocery shopping.  We finally made it to my parents house around 4.  After we ate the lasagna, we all headed to the den to open presents.  We also watched Christmas with Vince Gill for the twentieth consecutive year.  Yes, it's that good.
Reese decided to pass out the presents that she made for everyone first.  She spent her special day with my mom before Christmas making door hangers for the family, and she was very excited to give them to us.
Wyatt entered the world of Legos this Christmas. Very exciting stuff!  He is so into building the Lego contraptions, and this look captures his excitement!  He got this helicopter first and my parents also got him a fire truck set.  He loves looking the instructions and putting things together when he can...otherwise he asks for Daddy's help.
Hudson checking out his Elmo DVD's and his new monkey. He was definitely overwhelmed by the excitement of Christmas.
Finley spent her first Christmas Eve sitting on the couch with Brian and I.  She could barely contain her excitement.  Ha!
The kids spent the rest of the evening running around the house and playing with their toys.  We had a great Christmas Eve, but we needed to get home before they were too sleepy to stay awake on the ride home!

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