Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sea World!

We had a bit of a crazy week last week!  After having the house painted and then trying to get it all put back together, I also had to pack us for a week long vacation to Disney World!

We decided to switch things up this time.  Instead of leaving first thing in the morning, we left after the kids got out of school on Friday.  It was kind of nice because I didn't feel particularly rushed to get out the door at 5AM! We drove down to the Georgia line Friday night, and then finished the drive to Florida on Saturday morning. We got to Sea World with enough time to enjoy most of the day!
I have a confession.  I totally used to judge people who put their kids on leashes.  Seriously.  But honestly, who wants to put their kids on a leash? I completely get it now.  I feel terrible keeping Hudson locked down in a stroller all day, but he also can't be trusted to stay with us while we're at a huge park if we let him walk.  And with 4 kids to look after, I'm not sure I could trust myself to watch everyone like they need to be watched if he were loose.  So yeah, he's on a leash.  He thinks it's a back pack (and he loves back packs), and he seems to like it just fine!
My sweet, wild, silly girl.
After checking out the aquarium, a sea otter show, and stopping for a million bathroom breaks, we finally ate lunch!  I love this little guy.  He's high energy.  Sitting still and being patient aren't in his DNA (just watch his Dad try to do either of those things).  He wants to move, he wants to do what he wants to do, and he's not a great listener.  But he is a little boy. Sometimes it's hard to remember that he's just 5 because he is so smart and athletic, and he is interested in so many things.  And because he has an exceptionally bad temper sometimes (that's also in his DNA. It's double coded if you catch my drift.) Brian and I keep reminding ourselves that while he is the oldest, and he does know better a lot of the time, he is just 5.  He's still unsure of himself, he doesn't always want the responsibility of being the oldest, and he really does have worries of his own. And while I used to think 5 was the most annoying age ever (sorry Katie), I definitely don't feel that way anymore! 
They have a whole "Polar Express" set up at Sea World. We've been on it before, and it's fun, but it was not a line we felt like waiting in on a Saturday.  Yikesabee was it ever long!  We decided to just take pictures instead.
Aaaah Hudson.  He gets smiles wherever he goes.  He is just so loving and cuddly.  He must have given Brian a hundred hugs and kisses that day.
Finley only stays in the stroller for small bits of time.  She definitely prefers being carried in the Moby wrap or the Ergo to sitting in a stroller (my back would prefer a bit more stroller time)!  I've started calling her Flipper.  You should hear some of the squeals that come out of this little girl. She sounds just like a little dolphin!
This is a rare moment. 
Tried to take a picture of the boys in their matching shirts.  No one ever looks at the camera at the same time!
After taking the kids to look at sharks, and then taking them on some rides we made our way to the dolphins pretty late.  They loved them.  It was definitely a highlight for Wyatt and Reese.  The dolphins came right up to them!
We didn't make it to see Shamu :(.  It is really incredibly hard to make it to the shows you want to see, and do the rides, and maneuver the park, and EAT all in one day.  We left the park around 6 to make our way to our "home" for the week - The Wilderness Lodge!

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