Friday, December 21, 2012

Epcot, Wilderness Lodge, and Magic Kingdom - Day 4!

As I alluded to in my last post, things did not go well for us after we got back to the hotel.  Everyone went to bed okay.  Well, I mean, not Hudson.  He basically tried to become a Pack and Play escape artist last week.  And when he wasn't running out to us (with his sleep sack still on), he was jumping up while everyone else was laying down shouting "Surprise!"  So that was, you know, loads of fun.
Anyway, everyone in the room was asleep by 9.  I decided to take a shower, and get everything prepared for the next day at Epcot (backpack, autograph books, clothes...I need a real vacation).  That was all finished by 10, so I turned on the TV quietly, set on the closed caption and legitimately thought I was going to get to watch (and apparently read) the Parenthood sob fest in peace (if you aren't watching that show you are really missing great television).
I made it 20 minutes before Reese started crying.  And then she immediately got sick.  All over our bed.  And the carpet.
At a hotel.  At 10:30 at night.
I'll let that sink in.
So, Brian and I are kind of semi-pros at handling children's vomit.  If there was a gold medal awarded for team work in these situations, we would totally deserve it.  Our kids have sensitive stomachs.  While I got Reese into the tub and cleaned her off (while she was miserable and tired and grossed out), he called housekeeping and did as much cleaning as he could. 
The housekeeper came and changed the sheets and the mattress protector, but we were kind of stuck on the carpets.  Fortunately I packed bleach wipes for us to pick it all up with by hand.  GROSS! We spent the rest of the night waking up every two hours with Reesie.  Poor girl was miserable. 
She could barely move the next morning, and Brian and I decided the very best decision was for him to take the boys  to Epcot while I stayed at the hotel with the girls.  It was very tough for us to split up, but we didn't want the boys exposed to it anymore than they already had been, and the idea of keeping everyone locked up in the room seemed impractical and kind of torturous for us and them.
Finley and Reese slept the morning away (I know Finley was very happy to have her routine back).  After I called the housekeeper to deep clean the room and steam clean the carpets, I settled in with the laptop to watch some shows online.  I guess you could call it my vacation "spa day"!
Once Reese woke up she showered, changed her jammies, and then settled in with special coloring books we bought her from the hotel gift shop to keep her busy in the hotel room.  She also drafted a note to Santa with her only request for Christmas.  This is not a joke.

The boys spent the morning at Epcot (we only do two things- Nemo and then Test Track), and then they headed to the Magic Kingdom.  How precious are these two?
It looks adorable, but they were actually shouting "Shark!  Shark!" and then diving on the ground.  Because that's what boys do.
The boys saw this rainbow from the Magic Kingdom and I could see it from our hotel while the girls took their afternoon naps. 
Reese went the entire day without getting sick, and she had all of her energy back by 5.  I asked if she wanted to take the short boat ride to the Magic Kingdom to meet the boys, and she said she was up to it, so we decided to head out!

We stayed for a few hours to see the castle light up and just enjoyed the park.  We didn't ride anything, but we looked in a few shops and then watched the Electrical Light Parade.

My little trooper.  I can not tell you how good she was all week.  There were moments where I know she was just thinking "I just want to get wrapped up in my swaddle-me, lay in my comfy bed, and enjoy the quiet!"  Poor girl!

While I could have done without the stomach bug, I am very thankful that Reese still got to take advantage of a little bit of fun at the Magic Kingdom!

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