Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hollywood Studios - Day 3!

On the third day of our trip we ventured to Hollywood Studios (as evidenced in the title).  The day started with drama.  Wyatt wasn't being particularly obedient at the hotel, we got off the bus, got to the bag check, and.... we left our backpack on the bus.  While not particularly earth shattering (we still had the camera, diapers, and autograph books), the backpack still contained the kids' Columbia fleeces, changes of clothes, and my nursing cover.  While I am hit or miss on my use of the cover (I prefer the modesty it allows, but hate to see my baby sweat because someone else might be offended by the sight of her eating), I still like to have it as an option!
After Brian called the hotel to report that the backpack was left behind, I ventured to Toy Story Mania to get Fast Passes for later in  the day, and Brian headed over to sign Wyatt and Reese up for the Jedi Training Academy.
The next two hours were a blur - I ended up leaving the park to check buses for the backpack, checked with Guest Relations, and they still hadn't found it.  But lo and behold, after I had been back with Brian and the kids for 30 minutes they called to say that it had been found and was waiting at the front gate!
We visited with an army guy while we waited for Brian to come back with our backpack!
Pretty classic Hudson face.  He's probably in the middle of saying "Da-ddddyyyyyy!"
Reesie begged me to get her face painted.  I resisted at first because she was about to fight Darth Vader, and she wanted a Tinkerbell design.  Then I decided it was a battle that wasn't worth the fight. She is only going to get once chance in life to fight Darth Vader with Tinkerbell face paint!
If you ask Hudson now what the highlight of his trip was, he will say "Jake."  He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and he was very excited to meet his buddy.  We went to the Disney Junior show afterwards, and while it was nice, it features some shows that aren't as popular in my house - Mickey and Jake are our favorites, but we aren't big on Handy Manny or Little Einsteins. I read an article on the day we got home that said they are taking out Manny and the Einsteins and adding Doc McStuffins and Sophia the First.  That will be a huge bonus for us on our next trip!  Even Hudson asks to watch Doc!
These kids had a blast fighting Darth Vader!  Reese was very, very excited.
Brian and I enjoyed the show, so we didn't take too many pictures (Disney Photopass did it, so we will get some)!  They had so much fun!  Wyatt and Reese both got light sabers later in the week, and they pretended that he was the Jedi master teaching her.  He basically followed the exact script they use on stage!  Ha!
He wanted his face painted, too (of course).  Fortunately we waited until after the Jedi Training Academy.  I don't think Darth Vader would have considered a boy with Darth Maul face paint to be a credible threat :).
Hudson passed out while we were at The Little Mermaid show.  He ended up "shopping" with Finley and I while Brian took the big kids to the Indiana Jones show.  It started to rain, so we did our best to avoid it.
We went to see Wreck It Ralph and Vennelope.  It was nice and dry inside, so it was a good stop.  They also provided coloring tables for the kids, and Reese took full advantage.  She loves to color!
And after looking at this precious picture (I love Rapunzel's rainbow hair), I'm starting to wonder if those colored pencils and the germs they spread set us up for our next adventure - a stomach bug on vacation...dun dun duuunnnnnn.

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