Monday, December 3, 2012

Three Months Old!

Finley is three months old!
She was not enthused about taking her picture in the rocker with Zoey the Glow-y.

Stickers from Watch Me Grow
  • Finley is about 13 pounds.  Sooo big!  She is skipping right through 3 month clothes and is wearing 6 month outfits comfortably.  The exception is the sleepers.  She doesn't seem tall enough to fill those out!
  • She's still wearing a size 1 disposable, and I've inched her up from the smallest size in her Bum Genius cloth diapers.  We have been dealing with constant diaper rash, and coconut oil is helping.  It's not an instant cure, but there is definite improvement.
  • She eats a lot.  She slept through the night twice, but it's not an all the time thing.  She wakes up once a night (usually) and then goes back to sleep.
  • She is dealing with gas.  She needs to have gas drops or she wakes up (sometimes a lot) crying because of the discomfort.  And it's a wailing, painful cry that is heartbreaking for me!  I feel awful for her!
  • She isn't a fan of the car seat, but she tolerates it.  The teachers at the kids' school get excited for me when she's quiet at car pool.
  • She takes a morning nap, and she takes an afternoon nap.  I've been trying my best to get her to bed around 7 every night, and then she wakes up around 2.  As far as nap times, well, there's no set schedule.  I can tell you that she usually manages to wake up as soon as I start working on dinner :).
  • She's been sitting in her Bumbo lately, and she seems to enjoy it.  There isn't as much crying when she's sitting in that as there is during tummy time!
  • She does a good job sleeping in her Rock'n Play at night, and she'll go back to sleep in it after she's fed.  I still do put her in her swing to sleep during the day though.  I'll probably make the switch after the holidays, but right now I need long naps!
  • She still likes to be worn when we're out and about, so she's usually in the Moby wrap.  She's not quite big enough for the Ergo without the infant insert, so I'm borrowing one of those, too!
  • She has quite the personality for a baby girl.  She is a happy girl, and she is a talker.  She is also very laid back sometimes.  She reminds me a lot of Hudson (laid back) and a lot of Reese (personality plus) as a baby (well, and the cheeks).
She actually attempted to hold her own bottle yesterday!
 Smirking in her car seat!

Reesie taking pictures with my phone...

Watching her grow is so fun. She does new things everyday, and she really seems interested in the Christmas lights right now. She is also really alert during her "awake time" now, so it's making it more fun to watch as she discovers new things! I can't believe how quickly the time is going though!

Checking out the Christmas tree...
She is so smiley!  You can see that she's suffering from some cradle cap as well as dry skin above her eyes.  Coconut also seems to be helping there, but it's pretty persistent.
And her new favorite hang out spot - the Bumbo!

The next month is going to be so exciting for her (well, all of us)!  Her first trip to Disney World, her first Christmas, and her first time meeting some of our family members will all happen before she hits 4 months!  I'm sure she'll be just HUGE by then!  Ha!

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