Thursday, May 30, 2013

Project 365: Week 21

Tuesday, May 21
I have an addict on my hands.  She is addicted to Puffs.  Addicted, I tell you.  She squeals until I give her more!
 Wednesday, May 22
Maybe it's just me, but I'm in L-O-V-E with the new "mint trend."  I bought myself a shirt from the Limited, and a dress from Target. I found this outfit for Reese at Target.  Actually, the capris were in the toddler section, and the shirt was in the big girls section, but I matched them up.  I love this little outfit on her!
 Thursday, May 23
The day before "the change."  I'll elaborate more on our decision to cut back dramatically on screen time around here soon, but we did.  Like, these two have watched 10 hours of TV in the last week (max).  They still love their Jake jammies, though!
 Friday, May 24
Hudson showing off his middle finger...ha!  Reese slammed it in the front door by accident on Thursday, and it looks gross...but he's a trouper.  He didn't even cry.  But I sure did!  And so did poor Reesie!
 Saturday, May 25
Reese begged me for a tea party, but I suppose a large downside to having a bunch of brothers is no one to "tea party" with.  Wyatt was a champ and decided to party with her!  But there was no TV...what else was he going to do?
 Sunday, May 26
Wyatt and Hudson were playing cornhole with Matthew and Ava.  They always have so much fun playing when they come visit!
 Monday, May 27
Memorial Day baby!  I loved this little dress on her!  Reese wore it first, but it looks equally adorable on her little sister.

And two more from this week, just because I don't want to leave them out...
Reesie dressed up like Tinkerbell on Thursday after she slammed Hudson's finger in the door.  I guess whatever it takes to cheer her up?  Well, and justify the amount of money we spent on her Halloween costume!
 And she loves Doc...and she loves these jammies!  She was so excited to wear them for the first time!

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