Saturday, October 12, 2013

Disney World 2013: Day 2

Back to our Disney trip!  We decided to spend the second day of our trip at Epcot.  We don't ever need to spend an entire day there, but there are definitely a few things that we have to do!

With our FastPass+, I reserved times for Nemo, Turtle Talk with Crush, and Test Track.  Both Nemo experiences are crowd favorites (although I find Nemo to be a little boring).

After the ride we decided to take a look at some of the fish!

When we finished Test Track we walked over the the World Showcase.  Mainly because meeting this "princess" was a necessity.  "Fa Mulan" (that's what she call Mulan 2) is currently Reese's favorite movie.  And Hudson is a great little brother who loves to watch Mulan with his big sister!
 The kids are never really fond of the world showcase.  I think taking a trip to the food & wine festival might be a lot of fun at some point without the kids!  Brian and I love to stop and get drinks (I got a delicious lemon-wine concoction in Italy) or food (nachos in Mexico and sushi in Japan!).

The kids prefer to eat in America!  Ha!
Reese and Hudson marched in a little parade, and got their own copies of the Declaration of Independence.  Hudson got scared, so Brian had to go grab him.
 We also stopped to meet Belle in France.  It's very important that you get to meet her in her blue dress, too.  Or so says my five year old.

 Hudson also stopped to say hello.  He loves some princesses (and they all seemed to think he was pretty adorable, too).
 We made one last stop to visit Snow White (I had heard that the only place at Disney to meet Snow White and Mulan was Epcot.  Imagine my surprise when we met Snow White at the Magic Kingdom and saw Mulan at Hollywood Studios!).
 After we met Snow White we decided to head to Hollywood Studios.  You can actually take a boat from Epcot (it leaves from the back of the park in the World Showcase area) to Hollywood Studios.  It was fantastic.  It stops at three resorts before it gets to Hollywood Studios, but the ride is easy and there's lots to see!  And my favorite - no need to fold up and unload the stroller!

This picture basically sums up Reese's personality.
And who doesn't love Star Tours?
(Actually - that would be me.  It makes me sick.)

Going to Hollywood Studios was actually a really good call!  We were able to fit in Star Tours, Muppets 3-D, and we were able to ride Toy Story Mania before the park closed - with a minimal wait and no fast pass!

The rain held off for most of the day, but it was pouring when we got off of Toy Story Mania.  Fortunately Disney had buses at the stop for our resort really quickly, so we didn't get soaked again.  Thank goodness!

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