Sunday, October 27, 2013

Project 365: Week 39 - Disney World 2013

Sooooo, catching up on Project 365, and finishing up the Disney World recap at the same time!

Saturday, September 21
Pulling out of the driveway!  We left home Saturday around 4PM (after a morning full of sports), and made it to South Carolina by 10!
Sunday, September 22
We finished the drive to Florida, and spent the day exploring our resort and dealing with our Magic Band issues.  But that's a topic for a different day.  While I was getting everything unpacked, Brian took the kids to one of the nightly movies that they show in each courtyard.  When they came back they were exhausted!  Reese had claimed this bed earlier in the day and Wyatt claimed the murphy bed.  But they liked being able to cuddle before bed!
One of our many train rides through the park to avoid the rain.  You know, before we embraced it!
Waiting in line for Toy Story Mania!  There was almost no wait when we got there 10 minutes before the park closed!
This was her, "I'm waiting in line, I'm about to meet Pokey" dance.  Yes, she calls Pocahontas, Pokey.  I guess she thinks they're besties.
Riding the Carousel at Magic Kingdom!  Who doesn't love a good ride on the merry go round?
Waiting to fight Darth Vader at Hollywood Studios!  
Riding Dumbo with my big boy at Magic Kingdom. He picked me to ride with...that's a rare occasion!  That tooth was barely hanging on while we were on vacation - he lost it two days after we got home.
Hanging out with Finley while we waited for everyone else!
Monday, September 30
A picture of Daddy and Wyatt with Mufasa and Simba before we left!  This was our section of the Art of Animation studios (we were facing the courtyard, so our room had a view of Scar and the hyenas.  This was at the entrance).

And a few others....
On the People Mover on Day 1!
How adorable is a tiny baby in a big poncho?
This is how the two big kids ended up sleeping every night.  Hudson actually slept in a pack and play in our room (we had two, so Finley did too).  It was so sweet to see them cuddled together after they fell asleep.  And it saved us from having to pull the murphy bed out!  This was actually the night that we got soaked at Magic Kingdom, so they were all trying to warm up under their boos (that's what we call blankets).
Riding the Nemo ride!
Sacked out at Epcot!
Boys ready to go to Animal Kingdom!
Waiting to meet Tiana.
Baby in a bucket on Tom Sawyer Island.
These two bonded on vacation.  She used to be mama's girl.  Now she goes to him all the time (and it kind of breaks my heart).
More People Mover fun!
A collage of our trip!
This guy turned into quite a runner.  Check him out trying to run from us at the hotel at 6AM before we left.  This is why people leash their children!

And this semi-concludes the Disney recap.  I may post some of our photo pass pictures once the CD comes, and I will definitely be sharing tips and tricks AND my magic band experience.  Just not soon.  More life has happened this month and I might (FINALLY) be caught up enough to blog about it!

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