Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Disney World 2013: Day 4

On our fourth day we decided to advantage of the extra magic hours at the Magic Kingdom.  I was FINALLY able to get the app to work on my phone after the disastrous check-in experience, so we were able to manage things a bit better (switching fast passes, making new arrangements, etc.).  I think the idea of the FastPass+/Magic Band experience is a good one, but it does make for a rigid vacation.  And we don't like that.  I think fewer plans and fewer places we have to be makes for a better vacation for us. That's why you won't find us at character meals, etc.  I've read about people having breakfast at Magic Kingdom, lunch at Hollywood Studios, and dinner at a hotel - and I don't know how you fit that all in one day and "do Disney!"  I'd much rather Fast Pass character meetings when I can, or wait in line for some than entertain kids at tables, take buses when I don't have to (ugh with the strollers already), etc.  

But, I digress.  We did a few things in Tomorrowland, and then we went to our first FastPass of the day - meeting Rapunzel!
 And for some reason we had to follow up sweet, adventurous Rapunzel (who of course encourages the use of frying pans as assault weapons) with a visit with Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, and Drizzella.

Don't they look friendly?
 There was "extra pirate magic" at the park that week to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day.  That meant these kiddos got to see Captain Hook for the first time ever!  As big Peter Pan and Jake and the Neverland Pirates fans, meeting Hook was majorly exciting!
 We walked over to Adventureland to watch Captain Jack Sparrow's Pirate Tutorial.  Wyatt really wanted to be in the show.

And he made it!!!!

 He had an absolute blast.

We followed that up with an old fashioned Disney parade featuring some of our favorites.
Woody and Jessie.
 Mary and Bert.  Although, they're definitely more my favorites than anyone else in this house!
 The Fairy Godmother.  We didn't see her out in the park anywhere, but Reese has met her before!
 And a few princesses, too!

After some rides - Splash Mountain for Reesie who is now obsessed with it, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (she screams her head off the entire time and LOVES it), and a few others - we stopped to meet Gaston.
 If you've never met Gaston and had an interaction with him - you should!  Seriously, this guy is so in character, it's hysterical! 

Poor Reesie.  He told her that meeting him would probably be the highlight of her life!
 By the time we got back to the hotel and fed these children, they were exhausted.  But this is basically how every day ended with these two!

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  1. First time commenting on your blog, I think you meant to title this as Disney World 2013 not 2014.