Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Project 365: Week 40 & Week 41

Tuesday, October 1
We got home around 7 the night before, but "Baby Girl Rock" was not in the mood to get up and go to school.  Even kids don't like vacation let down!
Wednesday, October 2
Wyatt's first baseball game after vacation.  I missed it because Reese had practice, but he got the game ball!
Thursday, October 3
He lost his other tooth! He did NOT want anyone to take it out, and it was hanging on by a thread.  He even went to the dentist on Wednesday and the dentist offered to let him take it out himself, but he said no.  On the way out, he grabbed a bouncy ball from the treasure chest.

The next day he was bouncing the ball in the kitchen, and he missed it and he knocked out the tooth.  How funny is that?!?

That tooth is actually already growing in!
Friday, October 4
Showing off her new Ariel sweatshirt from Disney World.  If people tell her that they like it, she will tell them exactly which shop we bought it in at the Magic Kingdom.
Saturday, October 5
She slept like a dream on vacation, but she did NOT want to get back into her routine when we were home.  She was getting new teeth, and she woke up every night an hour after I put her down.  She had fun hanging out on the couch with Daddy.
Sunday, October 6
She and Baby Nina were on their way outside!
Monday, October 7
Love seeing these little feet in the back seat!
Tuesday, October 8
She referred to this as "cowgirl fashion."  She put the outfit together by herself.
Wednesday, October 9
Brian lost a baseball bet, and has to wear a Rod Sox shirt to pay it off.  This is how Reese felt about that little fact.
Thursday, October 10
In the middle of the week of rain.  It felt like it was never. going. to stop.  At least she had a cheerful attitude about it!
Friday, October 11
Brian's birthday weekend!  He has season tickets to the Admirals, so I was able to go to both hockey games with him that weekend.
Saturday, October 12
Love this smile!
Sunday, October 13
Brian's birthday!  He was doing a little pruning, and the kids insisted on keeping him company while they ate their lunch.
Monday, October 14
Reese and the American Girl doll that Aunt April gave her!

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