Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Project 365: Week 37 & Week 38

Yes, I'm interrupting our Disney recap to do this.  Partially because I want to keep it up, and also because there are lots of good Disney pictures on my phone!

Tuesday, September 10
I don't often look at my brown haired, brown eyed baby girl and see a resemblance to her strawberry blonde, blue eyed sister, but I definitely saw it in their faces!  And...Fin Tin Tin's first pigtails!
Wednesday, September 11
Spent the morning planning our FastPass+ schedule.
And yes, I will take this opportunity to complain again about what a waste of time this was, since Disney messed it all up.  Boo.
Thursday, September 12
Dave, Steph, and Natalie are moving to California (actually, they did move).  We were going to be on vacation the weekend of their going away party, so we all went to Red Robin for dinner.
Friday, September 13
I saw this hat at Target and I couldn't resist getting for this girl.  Adorable!
Saturday, September 14
Reese is one of the tallest kids on her soccer team...and one of the youngest.  She's in the 88th percentile for height, so that's not too surprising!
Sunday, September 15
Trying on the baseball equipment at Dick's!  It's probably sad that I know we went there for something, but I have no recollection of what that thing was!
Monday, September 16
All smiles after his second soccer game!  He scored a goal!
Tuesday, September 17
Playing at the park!  
Wednesday, September 18
Ready for school!  I don't know why she insists on pictures before school almost every day!
Thursday, September 19
Another tooth lost!  This is his third.  I think the missing tooth matches the hockey shirt!
Friday, September 20
We had to go pick something up from Brian at work.  This little guy was not very happy to leave Daddy.

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