Friday, October 25, 2013

Disney World 2013: Day 6

We went back to the Magic Kingdom on Day 6 of our trip.

It was a Saturday, and we decided after our last trip that weekend days might not be the best time to go to the Magic Kingdom.  But it was actually really, really nice, and it didn't feel too crowded at all!

By the end of the week, this is how FQB felt about waiting in lines to meet the characters...
 Reese spent the week in charge of holding the autograph books while we waited in line.  She took her job very seriously.
 Reese's number one mission was getting her princess book filled with signatures (and pictures) from her favorite ladies.  We were fortunate that the FastPass+ allowed us to fast pass some of the meetings, but the waits weren't too terrible for the princesses that it wasn't an option for.

And meeting this lady is so worth any wait.  She is so, so good with the kids.  They just love her

 And she just loved Hudson's hair.

 I was kind of sad that Wyatt didn't want to meet any of the princesses this time, but I know he had fun with Mimi and Baba while we waited to meet Tiana and Merida.  

We all had to get in on the picture with this brave princess!
 Meeting Ariel was one of Reesie's highlights.  She just loves the movie, and she loves Ariel!
 The fact that it was Saturday did mean that the park got a bit crowded between 12 and 4, and I may have yelled at a Disney employee (not my finest moment.  I think at that point I was over the FastPass complications, the fact that they were trying to make me wait on a bench stroller-less with 4 children while Brian got lunch, and like my children, I was tired). 

But Brian was able to calm me down (He's a pro at that.  Most of the time he's able to stop me before I lose my ever-loving mind), and we were able to enjoy the rest of our day!  Splash Mountain for the millionth time, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and of course, Tom Sawyer Island!

 This group spent a lot of time hanging out at the fort.  And apparently the lady in the background felt like photobombing a picture of a boy in a bucket.  Weird!
 We went back to Tomorrowland to ride Buzz and the People Mover (every day!) and to meet the Space Ranger himself, of course!
We decided to have dinner at the park so we didn't have to wait in the ridiculous lines at the resort, so we had dinner at Casey's before we left.  I have to say that the electrical light parade is fun, but it's definitely best to try and catch a bus while it's going on!  No wait!

Fortunately they all crashed and got a good night's sleep.  We had a LOT planned for our last day!

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