Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Disney World 2013: Day 3

We spent the third day of our vacation at Animal Kingdom.

Brian and I spent some time on the long drive home rating the parks.  At one point, Animal Kingdom would have been our second favorite park (behind Magic Kingdom).  But as the kids have gotten older, we've found that Hollywood Studios is actually a lot more fun for them.  Obviously we love the safari and Festival of the Lion King, and Reesie has developed a new found love for Everest, but after that it's just kind of boring (I should say that I think DinoLand is a throwaway place.  I just feel l like it's a waste.)   We usually hop right on the safari (which is what we did on this trip), but I also set us up with FastPasses to go back later in the day.  It was definitely interesting to see the animals up and moving later in the afternoon!  The new Avatar section will probably make for more fun as the kids get older!

The new FastPass+ feature also lets you set up FastPasses for character greetings, so we were able to see Mickey and Minnie with only a 5 minute wait (and we were dry this time)!
 He was NOT into a lot of character greetings this time, but he definitely still loved his visits with Mickey, Jake, Buzz, and Woody. A large part of our reason for going again is that we wanted to see him still be a kid who gets excited about visiting the characters.  It totally bummed me out when he didn't want to meet princesses, but I tried to remind myself that he's just a boy who doesn't like princesses (at least, not in public)!
 Reese was excited to meet Pocahontas!  That movie is consistently in the movie night cue (along with Mulan and Everyone's Hero).  Oddly enough, my kids actually like the sequels to Pocahontas and Mulan better than the originals.
 Everyone loves Chip & Dale!
 Animal Kingdom closes earlier than the other parks, so we went to Downtown Disney that night.  We took the kids back to the T-Rex restaurant this year.  They really like the atmosphere.  The food is average, but it's fun to watch their faces when a meteor shower starts!
 We did a little bit of shopping that night.  Now that Wyatt is really interested in Legos, we had to check out the Lego store.  This Buzz and Woody were an instant draw!
 These pictures with Wyatt were kind of necessary!  I can't believe how little my Poohzie Woozie was on our first two trips!

 We stopped to see the Great Mickey Pumpkin on the way out...I can't believe they were still awake!  It was a long (and fun) day!

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