Friday, October 18, 2013

Disney World 2013: Day 5

We went to Hollywood Studios on Day 2 of our trip to get our Toy Story Mania fix, but we were very excited to get back there for a full day.

Everyone in this house is a fan of Sofia the First (just in case Reese's birthday party didn't clue you in).  And now she is greeting her subjects in the Disney Junior sections at Hollywood Studios. Reese and Hudson were very excited to see her.  Wyatt was, too.  He just refused to meet her!
After they had this picture taken we went to see the Disney Junior show (they added Doc and Sofia!  Yes!). As we left we walked by Jake on his way to take a break.  Hudson stood up in his stroller and shouted, "Hey Jake!"  He got a high 5 as Jake kept walking.  It cracked. me. up.

Wyatt wasn't into meeting princesses, but meeting Indiana Jones was at the top of his "must do" list.  Seriously.  He's never seen a single Indiana Jones movie, but he loves the Indy show!
We actually rode Toy Story Mania again that afternoon, and the big kids also took part in the Jedi Knight Academy show again.  They had so much fun that it deserves it's own post!

Reese decided to have her face painted as a special treat, and Wyatt decided to build (another) light saber.
We also stopped to meet some pretty famous cars.
And a pretty nice toy!
Seriously, that smile.  He is the sweetest!
The boys headed off to the car stunt show, and Reese and I stopped to see some characters that popped up on the "streets of San Francisco."  First of all, what are Jasmine, Aladdin, and Genie doing in San Fran?  And second of all, how crazy is it that they're setting up for the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Lights in September?  We almost never get to walk down these streets in December because they're packed, but it was fun to meet a few characters and see the set up!
Wyatt decided to join in the fun when we met Jake.  
We had so much fun at Hollywood Studios...from the Disney Junior section, to the shows, to the rides, it really has something fun for everyone!

We went back to the hotel to get these guys to bed, and I had some laundry to do (I know, so fun right?  The rainy weather from our first day left most of our clothes wet and stinky, and we couldn't stand smelling them anymore!).  Fortunately the kids went to bed quickly for Brian.  Especially Wyatt and Reese!  They became kind of obsessed with watching the "Disney Must Do" TV show.  They became our little tour guides!  Ha!


  1. We were just there last month as well. We didn't meet Jake or Sofia, and the kids were ok with that. But I had no idea they could meet Indy...and if they find out we missed that, I will be in serious trouble! Caedmon LOVES Indiana Jones, and both kids sat mesmerized during the Indy show! And so fun that you got to see Jasmine and Genie while you were there! The streets of San Francisco were practically empty when we were there - so glad you found someone fun!

  2. How fun! My girls love Sophia the First too!