Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Disney World Day 2: Fighting Darth Maul

We spent the second day of our vacation at Hollywood Studios.

We got there bright and early so that we could sign this group up for the Jedi Training Academy.  

Hudson hit the magic number (40 inches) to make it on Star Tours.  As he says, "Thumbs up!"

After we rode with the Rebel Spy (Reese!), we stopped to ride the Speeder Bike.

The kids were all signed up for the 11:15 show.  I went ahead to get a spot while Brian stayed with them, and I noticed that there was a larger section roped off than they typically block off.  I assumed that the stage was wet and they were going to keep the children on the ground.

As they went through the show, they had kids on the stage and then left some on the ground.  I was watching the kids learn their lesson, and didn't really notice when Darth Vader came out.  And then Darth Maul came out.  We haven't ever seen him in a show, and out of all of my kids, Brian had the best reaction! Ha!

Hudson went first.  No fear from this guy!  Right now The Phantom Menace is the only movie that Hudson has seen, so it was especially great that he got to fight the Sith that he knows best!

Sidenote - Brian has some sort of master plan for the order that the kids watch the movies.  Wyatt has seen everything but Revenge of the Sith.  Reese has seen The Phantom Menace and New Hope.  Hudson sees New Hope next. All of this means that only Wyatt knows the Darth Vader-Luke-Leia relationship, AND he has actually kept the secret!  Brian takes all of these things very seriously.  I don't even know what's going to happen in December when the new one comes out!

Then Wyatt.  He takes his light saber duels very seriously.  Apparently he needed to avenge Qui-Gon's death (Obi-Wan took care of that for you, buddy).

She wasn't scared at all!  I was.  That guy was convincing and he mastered the stare down!
Learning about how fear leads to anger, and anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering, yada yada yada.  

Waving at all the proud parents.
We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the park, but obviously Darth Maul needed his own post :)!

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