Saturday, January 10, 2015

Disney World Day 4: Epcot!

On to Epcot!

Traditionally, Epcot isn't my favorite park.  That's not to say it isn't fun for the kids, it just doesn't offer as many fun things for all of them.  We started the day at Nemo, then Turtle Talk, and the aquarium.  This dolphin was really interacting with them through the tank.  Wyatt was sharing all of his dolphin knowledge with Reese and Hudson (and anyone else who would listen).
Then we went over to ride Test Track.  It was being temperamental, so even though we all had Fast Passes, it went pretty slow.  I guess they were having technical problems!  We also had to trade off so someone could stay with Finley.  Brian's parents rode with Reese and Brian and I rode with the boys.
 We met some pretty famous people (I am a firm believer that you meet Mickey every time you have a chance)!
Pure joy!  That is the magic of Disney!
 She loves Mickey Mouse.  Even though she answers, "No!," every time he asks, "Hey Everybody, wanna come inside my clubhouse?"
 And she obviously loves Minnie!  And Minnie was so nice.  Finley legitimately straggled behind after the other kids moved on, and Minnie just played with her.  So sweet!

 Next we moved onto the World Showcase, where we started with nachos for Daddy and the kids and a much needed margarita for Mommy. We mainly go to the World Showcase because it's the only place you're guaranteed to find Mulan, Snow White, Belle and Aurora.

We stopped to visit Mulan first.  A little girl who dresses up as Mulan for Halloween needs to see Mulan!

 My boys weren't very into the princesses, so we played a few exciting rounds of Eye Spy and took a little break...
while the girls waited in line to see Snow White!
We also met with Mary Poppins, who suggested that I might need a governess like her.  Agreed!  We've had Mary Poppins on movie night rotation this year, so Reese and Hudson were excited to visit with her.

 And we stopped for some pictures on the way out!

If I remember correctly, our plan that night was to drive to Downtown Disney and get some shopping done (because it always takes forever to wait for the bus at the Lodge and at Downtown Disney), but when we got there the parking garage was completely full.  We turned around, but the outing wasn't too terrible - we stopped for dinner and the little kids fell asleep.  It was actually nice not to have to control them in the hotel room for a bit.  I swear that's why we're so "go go go" on vacation.  The idea of hanging out in a confined, non-childproofed place with these four makes my eyes twitch!

The big kids woke up when we got back to the hotel, and became obsessed with Duffy the Disney Bear and his bedtime story.  That's how we ended up with 4 of him for Christmas! Ha!

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