Monday, January 19, 2015

Disney World Day 7: Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney

We had a great time on our first visit to Hollywood Studios, but we still had a lot we wanted to do - especially since it's also the land of Disney Junior!
The kids wanted to meet Pluto.  Especially Finley.  Look at that face!
And the "We're meeting Pluto" dance!

No visit to Hollywood Studio is complete without a friendly Toy Story mania competition.
I love that ride!  I don't know what it is about it.  Just arcade-y and fun!
We decided to stop and visit with Buzz and Woody.  The boys were wearing their "Toy to the World" shirts, so it seemed appropriate.
We are huge Toy Story fans - all of us!  I still love watching this video of Wyatt acting out the beginning of Toy Story 2!
Wandering Oaken's Trading Post closed not long after our visit, but we stopped there to do some Frozen shopping, and the kids wanted to play in the snow!
And we got our pictures taken with Anna and Elsa - score!
We went to see Disney Junior Live on Stage, and then we stopped to say hi to our favorite characters.  I just have to say that I wish Doc was available without having to do the character meal.  We love Sofia and Jake, but Doc is one of our favs, too!

We stopped for one more ride on Star Tours.  We rode first thing that morning, and Wyatt was the Rebel Spy.  On their final ride of our trip, Hudson was the chosen Rebel Spy.  He was SO excited to tell me when they were finished.  Brian even stopped to buy him and "I am the Rebel Spy" shirt to announce his success!

Three very happy rebel spies!
We left the park pretty early and thought we could just take the bus from Hollywood Studios to Downtown Disney - because that would make sense, right?  Not having to go back to our resort first?  Yeah, there are no buses to Downtown Disney at the park.  And we didn't find that out until we'd waited 30 minutes for a bus (there are signs that say "Downtown Disney" - those just go to the non-Disney hotels.  Ugh.).

When we finally made it to the resort bus loop, Hudson decided to use The Force to get the bus to come to our stop!
Once we finally made it to Downtown Disney, we had to immediately stop to get this guy's picture taken with Pooh!  It's tradition!  I can't believe how much he's grown!

We managed to get into the T-Rex restaurant pretty quickly, but it was still a pretty late dinner for the kids!  They didn't mind though - they were eating next to a T-Rex!

Hudson was obviously mesmerized by the meteor shower!  It is a fun (expensive!) experience for the kids.  At least we made it out without building Dinosaurs this time!

After dinner the kids were exhausted.  We had some Christmas shopping that we needed to do, so Brian stayed at Downtown Disney to shop while his parents and I went back to the hotel with the kids.  Hudson was passed out, Finley was antsy, and the bus was packed. But we made it back and I got them in bed to rest for our final day.  Brian was at Downtown Disney until eleven, but at least he made a dent in our Christmas shopping!

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