Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Disney World Day 5: Back to Animal Kingdom

When you have a Creature Adventurer in your house (and 4 kids!), you can't get away with just one visit to Animal Kingdom.  And you also end up taking lots and lots of pictures!

We spent the fifth day of our trip at Animal Kingdom.  And it was awesome.  We went to the safari first (it's our M.O.), and we got to look at some pretty amazing animals up close.

Seriously close!

This picture actually has two different types of giraffes - reticulated and Masai.  I had to get Wyatt to tell me that!
The flamingos are one of our very favorite spots on the safari - their sandpit is actually a Hidden Mickey!
Love to see the lions - "They sleep for 18 hours a day," says Wyatt.
We got breakfast from the little cafe in Africa, and then met up with Brian's parents.  They took Wyatt and Finley back on the safari while Brian and I went over to Everest to redeem our Fast Passes with the middles.

We stopped for a picture on the way.
Hudson wasn't tall enough to ride, so he hung out with Daddy while Reese and I outran the Yeti.
She obviously loves a roller coaster.
And since Hudson couldn't ride (but he had a fast pass for Everest), Reese took his Fast Pass and went to ride with Brian while I stayed with Hudson.  And Hudson cried the entire time because I am the worst. mom. ever.  Basically, I'm not Daddy. I suck.
We met back up with Brian's parents and the other kids, and got faces painted.  They wanted to get their faces done ALL WEEK.  I was hesitant to drop that much money on face paint, but they loved it!
Then we went to meet Mickey and Minnie!
We spent most of our day hitting up the Wilderness Explorer stations for badges.

Wyatt became very popular with the Wilderness Explorer guides.  At one station one of the guides was talking about butterflies, and then Wyatt started telling them about the migration patterns of Monarch butterflies.  He had a few guides saying things to him like, "I know that! How do you know that?," and another one was getting ready to leave his station and said, "I'm just going to stand here and listen to this kid talk.  He knows his animals!"  Their tones seemed genuinely impressed with his knowledge!  By the end of the day they had rotated and they had fun trying to stump him at their new stations. It's so funny to me that anyone who comes in contact with Wyatt immediately discovers his love for animals!  A few started talking to him about Wild Kratts and Jack Hanna!

Rafiki's Planet Watch is a must because we LOVE Rafiki.
Reese has been saying "Correction.  I know your father" since she was 2!  Ha!
There are also six Wilderness Explorer badges there, so we had to go!  And my husband let my baby touch. a. snake.  The girl has no fear.

We also had to stop and see Pocahontas because she is their favorite.  What's funny is that I posted a picture of them on Instagram with her, and she is actually a friend of a former coworker!  How random!
And of course we stopped for a picture on the way out.  And Hudson?  Thanks for looking at the camera.

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