Friday, July 9, 2010

Another Zoo Morning

We couldn't make up our minds about what to do on Monday. We have tons of options with our season passes to Busch Gardens and Water Country and the aquarium and the zoo, but since Monday was the observed holiday we didn't want to mess with any of that! We just knew that it would be crowded wherever we went, so we opted for a quick morning zoo trip and then a pool day after naps.

Wyatt wanted to talk to us about how to follow the map to get to the giraffes and lions.

Me and my mini-me.
It was so hot that the lions all lined up in the shade. When we left the zoo at noon it was 102 degrees. Yikesabee.
Daddy and his little girl.
Wyatt was totally amped to take this picture.
Reese thinks that the geese are "cute."

Reese was petting the cow just before this and he freaked out. She wouldn't even get close again, but Wyatt still wanted to take his turn. When a peacock walked by and Reese got scared he ran over and threw his arm around her and said "It's okay Reesie. I won't let him hurt you."
Wyatt told Reese that they needed to wash their hands after they pet the cow. I'm sure he does this because it's sanitary and not because he thinks it's fun.

We let Reese run around the snake exhibit and she was out of control. She ran everywhere.

She's been showing some signs of readiness to potty train, so we started this week. She is currently running around the house in a dress with underwear on and a pull up over them. That was she gets the "feel" for what it's like to pee in her pants without actually getting pee on my new carpet. I'm hesitant to let her become too dependent on pull ups because I don't want her wearing them during the day, I just want her in underwear. I really want to cut back on the amount we spend on diapers before the baby comes! She did urinate in the toilet last week, so I'm really ready to get this done. She seems pretty excited about getting M&M's, and she's already easier to get on the potty than Wyatt was when we started with him. I'm really hoping that she will easy to train!

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