Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Boy: 25 Weeks!

  • How Far Along: 25 Weeks
  • Size of baby: Still the size of an eggplant, just a bigger one! He's about 2 pounds and 9.2 inches.
  • Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still 14 pounds!
  • Maternity Clothes: Yes. I actually found a pair of shorts this week on clearance at Target that I love! This is a first for me.
  • Gender: Boy!
  • Movement: All the time! Still mainly in the morning and at night, which is actually a funny story. On Tuesday night I ended up in Labor & Delivery (long, embarrassing story), and they had to monitor me for an hour. Baby boy is still relatively tiny in comparison to the size of my ginormous stomach, so they could barely keep the monitor on him because he moved constantly. Fortunately they got what they needed and we were in and out in about 2 hours!
  • What I miss: Sushi. Energy. That's about it!
  • Sleep: Much better this week! My doctor gave me a prescription last week to help me sleep on the nights I'm having trouble. Which brings me to...
  • Symptoms: My hip pain is still pretty unbearable, and the doctor thinks it's a pinched nerve that we can't really do anything about. GREAT. That's why she gave me the medicine. I can at least sleep through the pain and I have no problems falling back asleep after I wake up for bathroom breaks.
  • Best Moment this week: Wyatt and Reese always love to come over and hug my bump and say hi to their brother. I love that! Hearing his heartbeat at the hospital was awesome (even if I hated being there)!
  • What I am looking forward to: Hopefully settling on a name soon. Getting things organized around the house. I'm going to get the new laptop hooked up tonight since we ran out of space on this one. Reese's birthday is less than a month away, so there's planning for that coming up. And of course, FALL is just around the corner which brings 3 days work weeks for Brian and shorter work days! All this to look forward to BEFORE the baby comes! I can't wait for November!


  1. Hey, I'm stopping by from Jenna's. I just want you to know how much I love your kids' names. They are so cute! You've got a really great blog and I look forward to following it!

  2. I'm here from Jenna's! Congratulations! I love the names too!