Saturday, July 24, 2010

Whatever Wyatt Wants...

On Sunday morning Wyatt woke up and basically asked Brian if we were going to Busch Gardens that day. We had no real plans for the day, and we knew we could there by 10, so we decided to go. I swear, one of the best things we've done is get season passes to the zoo, Busch Gardens, Water Country and the Aquarium. We can go whenever we want and we don't feel obligated to stay the entire day, so we can hit the road and avoid lunching at the park (if we want).

We walked in the gate at 10 and headed straight for the bathrooms! I don't know who had to go the most, but I do know that Wyatt let me use the bathroom first. What a sweet kid! We always thought Monday mornings were the best time to go, but the place was empty when we got there. It was awesome!

After our bathroom break we went to Sesame place, and since there were no lines, the boys road the roller coaster 4 times without getting off. Wyatt loved it. Brian said that after the third time he was questioning himself about whether someone with my genes should be allowed to ride again. 10 years ago at a lifeguard competition I rode the Spiderman roller coaster at Six Flags Darien Lake with him three times in a row and threw up in a trash can when we got off. Since that day I have not been able to ride a roller coaster more than once on any given day.
The fact that Reese was brave enough to get on this with the boys surprised me.
The fact that she loved it and was shouting "Hi Mommy!" and waving from the top astonished me.
Enjoying a snack in the Graco double stroller. I love this thing, but it was a hand me down and we're going to be needing a new one I think. It has drink holders for us, plenty of storage and snack trays for the kids. I just fear the cost since we didn't pay for this one.

Wyatt had a planes, trains and automobiles kind of day. He rode the bumper cars for the first time, then hopped on the planes, and after lunch we took the train around the park.

Reese and Daddy at the Festhaus enjoying lunch. a "Spiderman kiss." When Brian leaves the house in the morning Reese is always sitting on the couch, and she sticks her head up like that for a kiss.

Wyatt actually asked me to take this picture of him - a rarity nowadays. But he looks so stinking cute with pizza all over his face!

He was pretty exhausted by the time we got the Clydesdales. In fact, he didn't even pay attention to the actual horses. He had a great time and he's already asked if we're going back tomorrow. Ridiculous.

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