Saturday, July 17, 2010

Water Country

On Monday we decided to take the trip to Williamsburg to go to Water Country. It was cloudy, but still really warm. The perfect day to go! It wasn't empty, but it wasn't really very busy either!

The kids had a really great time. Reese was able to do a lot more this year and she loved it! The first thing that we did was go down this slide, and then we went to some little ones. She didn't want that, so she walked off and Brian followed her while I stayed with Wyatt. She walked right back to the tube slide and said "Again!"

I was actually surprised when we went to get on the slide because Brian picked her up to take her and Wyatt walked up with me. When we got to the top Brian asked him who he was going to ride with and he said "I'm gonna ride with Mommy!"

Wyatt was such a great big brother all day! He always wanted to help with Reese either offering to ride down the slide with her or saying "It's okay Reesie, I'll catch you at the bottom!" We kept telling him all day how happy he was making us by being nice and helpful to his sister.

And she basically loved it!

Wyatt surprised us by climbing up this net to get to a really big slide. He did it all by himself! We weren't sure he was going to make it when he started, but he climbed right to the top and waved to us!

We visited a few kids section and then Brian and Wyatt went down a "big boy slide" before we went to the Hubba Hubba Highway, which is always a huge hit. Brian and Wyatt pretend that they're being chased and make a game of it. Reese and I just float along and relax!

Four years ago Brian and I went there and spent the whole day riding rides and never once contemplated going to the kids section, and now we spend all of our time there. But I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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