Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Few Things...

I should probably post about our trip to Water Country on Monday or something, but instead I will throw together a few random things instead because I have other things I want to do. Like read the new issue of People Magazine about Carrie Underwood's wedding, where I saw that they gave guests painted hockey pucks for their table assignments. Freaking adorable (she married a hockey player). Darn it, we should have given people mini water slides! After I'm done reading about the plethora of money Carrie dropped on her big day, I'll probably spend a few minutes pondering what in the world is making Bristol Palin get back together with Levi. But that's just me. I might not have time. Bethenny Getting Married? is also on right now.

So I'll share a few things going on right now instead:
  • Reese has successfully used the potty twice now. I just brought the potty into the family room so she can sit on it and watch TV, and that made it pretty easy to coax her on. Well, that plus me dangling stickers and M&M's in her face as a reward if she actually goes.
  • Wyatt will not do his business in the potty STILL. He can run in the bathroom and pull down his pants, do his little standing up number, pull his pants back up and wash his hands with little interference from me, but he won't freaking poop. And the only answer I get as to why he can pee but no poop is "I can't like to poop in the potty Mommy." Nothing is working (bribery with candy and toys, etc.) and he is supposed to start school in September! Ugh!
  • Tonight when I tucked Wyatt in bed he said "Hey Mommy, I have an idea. My sleeping bag is in my closet. You could pull it out and sleep in here with me if you want. Would you like that, Mommy?" I actually don't think that would be much fun with my enormous pregnant belly, but it was still really sweet and it melted my heart. I wish I could have!
  • Today I was able to cross calling the pediatrician and Wyatt's school off of my To Do List. But gosh darn it, I forgot to call about swimming lessons! And the list goes on.
  • And finally I already knew that Grey's Anatomy was adding Dr. Jackson Avery as a regular this season, which made me extremely happy. Apparently they are also adding this other dude as a therapist to help them all get past the trauma of the shootings. I'm just kind of wondering now, do any ugly guys work at Seattle Grace? Do they think they can just keep throwing cute guys at us and we'll overlook some of the outlandish stuff they throw our way? And does this mean that they can go ahead and kill off Korev, who's only useful line in the show ever was "Eat more bacon?"

And that's all I've got. Because this is what I do to pass the time when my husband is attending Smashing Pumpkins sound checks and concerts. Which is fine with me because Billy Corgan freaks me out.

*photo credits to People Magazine, Adam Larkey/ABC, and Andrew Eccles/NBC

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