Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Princess and the Frog

The kids and I had a pretty fun day today (while Brian worked). I knew pretty much as soon as we all rolled out of bed this morning that we were not going to spend the day hanging around the house. Our options were going to the zoo or going to my parents' house to swim. Since going to my parents' doesn't take half the amount of planning and preparation (and it also doesn't require a stroller), we decided to go for a swim.

The kids had a great time swimming in the pool, and Reese really impressed me. She was swimming around so well, and she didn't even want to hang on me in the pool. She spent a lot of time swimming with my dad the other day while my mom took Wyatt to the beach, so that must have done the trick. She kept spinning in circles saying "circles, circles!" She also jumped in the pool with no help from me. She went under once, and then just popped back up.

The kids took a break for snack time. This is Reese's "cheese."
Then the frog showed up. Reese loved this guy! (Hence the title).
She got in the pool and just sat and stared at him.
The frog hopped off, and Reese decided that she wanted to go for another swim.
And then he came back! Reese wanted to follow him after he hopped off again...
So my dad picked him up for her!
They had a lot of fun playing at my parents' house, and I couldn't believe it when I looked at the clock and it was noon! We packed up and came home for lunch and then took naps. We spent the evening out in the court playing with the neighbors. All the adults were joking me because they were all drinking while our kids played. Wyatt was really excited because the two 5 year old boys wanted to play with him today. They set up a Buzz Lightyear tent and built a "parking lot" in front of it for everyone's power wheels. Reese walked all the way around the court kicking the soccer ball. I'm not kidding. She kicked it all the way around the court.
Brian just got home and informed me that he "doesn't think" he is going to work tomorrow, which means that for the first time in 18 years he's off on the Fourth of July! I wonder what we'll do...

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