Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our 4th of July!

Our Independence Day was awesome this year because Brian was home! He never gets to take the 4th off (and can't remember doing so since he started working), so we were pretty excited!

We spent the morning watching the Military channel's specials about Gettysburg and the American Revolution. We also spent some time watching School House Rock: No More King, which Wyatt really enjoyed. After naps we all went swimming in our inflatable pool, which is actually big enough for the whole family!

Reese thought that it was too hot outside and only wanted to stay in the pool for about a half hour. Around that time Shannon called and asked if we wanted to meet her and the kids at McDonald's for dinner, since we're both usually home by ourselves on the 4th. Brian and I decided instead to throw together a super last minute barbecue and invited her and the kids and his parents.
I made homemade mac & cheese, and it wasn't a huge hit with the boys. Apparently they prefer the boxed stuff! They spent a lot of time playing and having fun while the adults chatted and the girls ate. Reese actually ate a whole hot dog and two bowls of mac & cheese (Tyler thought he was being sneaky and dumped his in her bowl)!
This is probably the place where I would complain about people setting off fireworks in the neighborhood, but I'll probably gloss over that and instead say that the kids were both exhausted (and found it a little difficult to fall asleep). Wyatt watched School House Rock one more time before bed, and has asked to watch it several more times. His main concern is the King taking everyone's money. I tried to explain that it was also a concern of the colonists, but once we start talking Boston Tea Party he starts throwing Reese's tea set in the air. Um, yeah. Hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day!

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