Thursday, September 30, 2010

Countdown to Gooey!

Since my C section is scheduled for November 5th (the day after the World Series), we decided to make a "countdown" of sorts until our baby boy gets here! I first saw the idea for the paper chain on Tiffany's blog before Hunter came, and I thought it would be a great idea for Wyatt and Reese to visualize how long it will be before the baby comes, and to work on their counting skills!

I decided to make the chain a "fall decoration" so I used red, orange, yellow and brown paper. I like that it adds a little festive flair to the rest of the decorations! It's now hanging from our new entryway shelves, which we absolutely LOVE. We're ordering the baskets for each compartment now so that we can clean up the shoe mess too!
Here are the kids checking out (well Wyatt's checking it out, Reese was aiming for destruction) the paper chain!
Wyatt and I counted to 36 (Reese tapped out at 20). I can not believe that we will be meeting our little guy in 5 weeks, 1 day! Absolutely crazy! I think our list of things to do is complete now, and I'm now crossing a few things off my list everyday when I get home. While I was looking forward to the naps that come with getting home just before nap time everyday, I also feel an incredible push to get things done. I'm pretty sure this is nesting. And yeah - I'm huge!
Wyatt got to pull the last link off the chain tonight. When I was tucking him in he asked me if his baby brother was going to be here one morning when he wakes up. I explained that particular scenario is actually (hopefully) not going to happen. I plan on using every spare second until the little guy gets here, and him coming early is just not part of my plan!

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