Monday, September 20, 2010

The Park

Brian worked for about 6 hours last week, and they were all days that Wyatt was in school. The kids went through what I've been referring to as "Daddy Academy" all week while I worked. I will get into more specifics on the interesting things that the kids learned while with Daddy all week, but he did some pretty fun things with them - they went to the zoo, out to lunch and to the park. Basically, Brian is a better stay at home mom than I am. And that became apparent when Wyatt told me today that Daddy is more fun than I am. Anyway, on Friday they went to the park and I'm basically going to sum up their day with these pictures...

Reese liked sitting on a hill watching boats go by.
Wyatt posing. He's been big on saying "cheese" and smiling for the camera lately. And taking pictures with the camera on his own.
Going on a hike through the walking trail.
Stopping to look at boats.
I LOVE this picture of them!
Reese really loved the hike and stopping to look at the boats...
And poop. It requires inspection.
And she likes to let us know she found it.
Wyatt was pretty obsessed with his walking sticks. Noelle was also pretty interested in sticks too. She always wanted to take the sticks that she found at the beach home, and frequently tried to get really big sticks in the Jeep. Even when they wouldn't fit!

He's gotten so big! He loves to jump off of the jungle gym. They've actually both gotten so independent now. Taking them to the park is so easy because they want to do everything alone - especially Reese. She is such a two year old now!

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