Sunday, September 12, 2010

Reese's Birthday Party!

Poor Reese always has her birthday party pushed back into September. It's partly because the August/September time frame is so busy for Brian with the park closing, but also because August flew by before we knew it this year!

When I asked her what kind of party she wanted she said "Ariel." She loves her Ariel Barbies and dolls, and she was so excited about having her Ariel party. I decided to forgo the ordering of a cake this year and make it myself. I decided to do cupcakes as well as a regular cake, more because I hate the commotion of cutting up cake and all that at the party, and I knew I had no interest in it this year. If people wanted chocolate cupcakes and I ran out of the chocolate, then I would cut the cake. But I'm a big believer that it's a hassle, and I'm not a fan of knives around a bunch of toddlers. Cupcakes win!

So I made these (from scratch - I've become a big fan of "from scratch" baking lately).
And I made this.
The decorations were Reese's two favorite colors: pink and purple! She was so excited watching me blow up balloons!
She enjoyed her cupcake and the singing of "Happy Birthday" to her!
And then she ran outside to the bounce house!
This is her Ariel bib, but she did have several outfit changes. She had a "pre-party" Ariel shirt, and party Ariel shirt, and her Ariel bathing suit. I am so anti-character clothing that I don't even know how this happened, but she loves it, and it's not like she'll be wearing it to school next year or anything. Plus it will come in handy when we go to Disney World in less than three months!
Wyatt, Tyler and Natalie enjoyed the bounce house.
And Reese also wanted to stick her head through. Ignore the fact that it appears as if my child is beating up his friend. They were actually playing super heroes.
Reese opened all her presents outside - and she loved them all!
And then there was more playing and chasing. I think it was bubbles here...
At the end of the party the kids all ended up in the baby pool, and they had a blast! I changed Reese back into her shirt and then she ran off and got her Ariel sunglasses. And her party favors. And then she said "no pictures please Daddy."
She had a really great time at her birthday party, and she's asked me if she's going back to her party all morning today! Fortunately we had the party yesterday and not today because the weather has definitely changed. Yesterday felt like a nice end of summer day, and today is rainy and very fall-ish, which I am definitely welcoming! I love fall smell smells, fall decorations, cooler (but no cold) weather, and of course seeing more of my husband! Not to mention the fact that there are now less than 8 weeks until we get to meet and hold our baby boy! We can't wait!

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