Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wyatt's First Fall Soccer Game!

Wyatt's first soccer game of the season was on Monday! Yeah, I'm behind on this blog again. But we were having computer problems and Brian was off all week so we were constantly on the go. And if that doesn't work, well, I'm 33 weeks pregnant. So there.

Brian is coaching Wyatt's team again this season and the team is called the Gators, so he's wearing green this season. He was super excited to start playing again, and he couldn't wait to get to the game. He isn't one of the oldest kids on the team (the cut off to be three was September 13 - so I think there might be some young kids), but he's not the youngest by far. He is probably the only kid that has played soccer before. He had a lot of fun warming up and getting back into his soccer groove.

But he didn't "start." Brian had three of the other kids go out, and Wyatt went second. While we watched the first group of kids run around and try to figure out what exactly the needed to be doing, all I could think was that Wyatt was going to run out on the field and just start kicking the ball down the field. And that's what happened. He basically scored two goals in about 4 minutes (and it really was almost three, but one of the other kids on his team kicked it out of the goal). It was pretty crazy, but I guess that's what happens when they're young and some kids have played and some haven't. Plus, they're all learning which makes it really fun.

Running down the field the score goal number one.
And goal number two.
Wyatt during a time out. Brian referred to this as his "Brittney face." I have to say, he does kind of look like me here.

After Wyatt played he went and sat on the sidelines. Brian cycled through all the players and was ready to put Wyatt in for the last 6 minutes, but there was some kind of miscommunication with the referee and Wyatt didn't get back in. This is his sad face.

He had a lot of fun playing, and I know he's excited to get back out there tomorrow. He got new cleats today (we were finally able to find them in his size), and he's been practicing with the big kids on the court all evening.
I also have several posts to go up over the next few days (let's just say that the kids' week home with Daddy was "eventful"), so I shouldn't be behind for too long!

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