Saturday, September 25, 2010

Second Soccer Game!

Wyatt's second soccer game was on Monday night. It was his first game using his new cleats.

He was kind of excited.
He um, scored six goals.
It was probably all the stretching he did before the game. Brian said that this was the first time he's ever participated in the question and answer session before the game. "We use our hands in soccer, right? Noooooooooo!"
I hope Wyatt isn't getting the reputation of a ball hog :)! He's one of a few kids who've played before so he just kind of gets the ball and runs to the goal. One little kid on the other team played with him last season and gave him a run for his money, but he's gone on the field with some kids who run after the ball, but don't kick it. Brian tries to rotate who Wyatt's on the field with so that he doesn't overshadow anyone, but I honestly feel ridiculous saying that about a three year old. I mean, he's three. We tell him to pass and share, but we also want him to have fun. There aren't too many three year olds who would just turn the ball over, or even get the concept of passing the ball when they're trying to play. So I just want him to have fun.
And he definitely is.

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