Sunday, September 26, 2010

Toy Story on Ice!

As always, one of the perks of Brian's job is trade and advertising! We figured out that with all the concerts we went to this summer we only actually paid to go see Lady Antebellum. We get pretty lucky with the tickets we get to baseball games, hockey games and concerts. It's really awesome, especially since we're about to embark on the journey of being a single income family. Yikes! Gooey (who is in fact still nameless) will be here in less than 6 weeks, and this time I'm not taking maternity leave - I'm leaving and will be joining the ranks of Stay at Home Moms. The fact that Brian's job provides a ton of extra perks will make it easy for us to have fun on a budget - giving us all an opportunity to still do some pretty fun things without a ton of extra money!

This week we got to go to Toy Story on Ice. We got tickets for Friday morning because we figured it wouldn't be too crowded - and it wasn't. There were school groups there, but it was nothing compared to the kind of madness that it probably became over the weekend. We didn't tell the kids where we were going - we wanted to surprise them, and we also weren't sure that they would have any clue what we were talking about!

Wyatt is such a Toy Story fan, and he LOVED every minute of it! He's a (slightly) bigger fan of Woody than Buzz, but he did a much better job sitting still and paying attention than we thought he would. He absolutely did not want to leave to use the restroom or anything (although at one point I basically had to make him).

This little girl didn't do as good of a job sitting still - but she's only two! That's the good thing about these kiddie events, no one expects the kids to be perfect angels. We actually had a large school group behind us (how this was considered educational enough to get kids out of school I'll never know), so she didn't bother anyone! We also had really good seats right on the ice, so the kids were really close to all the characters.
They were so good and had so much fun that it's definitely going to open up the opportunity for us to take them to do more of these activities in the future! I'm so excited for the next few weeks. We get to do some pumpkin picking, Halloween costume hunting and probably one last trip to Busch Gardens for Halloscream. After all that, we get to meet our new baby boy!

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