Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Little Boy is Growing Up!

On Tuesday night we went to Open House at Wyatt's preschool. He looked like such a big boy walking into his school with Brian. We talked about going to the school to have a look and meeting his teacher Ms. Cindy. He was really excited to go in and check out his classroom. He'd already been there once when we dropped off his application, and all he could talk about was the train table in his classroom!
He really had a great time playing and "getting to know" his classroom. He walked right in and started playing. Actually, so did Reese. She was all over the place! She's so tall too, she looked just like a three year old sitting at the table playing tea party. When we walked up to his teacher she held out her hand and he gave her five. He said hi and nodded when she asked if he was excited to start school. He was totally excited about the little potty in the classroom. Here's his name on the bulletin board in his classroom. He's going Tuesday and Thursday mornings, which I really think will be good for him this year. He's never been left with anyone but us or his grandparents, so I think it will be a nice transition to "school." Plus, he's about to start going to school for the next 20 years. I figure I should at least give him the same schedule this year that he's going to want his senior year of college :).
The kids both had such a good day that we decided to take them out for ice cream. Yesterday was actually the two year "anniversary" of Reese breathing on her own, and we went out for ice cream to celebrate last year too. The link is solely there for my mom who accused me of "thinking of any excuse I could" to go out for ice cream.
I can't believe how big this little girl has gotten! She just lights up our world and she makes us smile and laugh in completely different ways than her big brother!
Brian gave Wyatt his entire ice cream cone to hold. And Wyatt chowed down. As you can see, he was very excited.

This picture cracks me up because the boys are smiling and Reese is going after Wyatt's ice cream!
I'm not really sure when I'll post again (in case you're worried). We're supposed to get hit by Hurricane Earl tonight, and I'm sure we'll lose power at some point. I got us stocked up on water, batteries, candles, flash light and non perishable snacks, and Wyatt has also been educating us all about hurricanes. My biggest concern right now is the house that's being framed behind us. There's a lot of random wood sitting all over that lot. Anyway, that should make for a fun day or Labor Day weekend. Hopefully we don't lose power!

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