Friday, September 3, 2010

Swimming! With Daddy!

My parents went out of town last weekend and since we were going over to let the dogs out, we decided to take the kids swimming. Let me just say that it was like Christmas to these two when they found out that Daddy was going to be taking them swimming in the pool. They were so excited!
They cheesed it up.
They sat so patiently while they watched Daddy jump off the diving board and "make waves."
Wyatt swam all over the place. Seriously, he was a fish! Reese went all over the place as well and really showed Brian how much she loves the water!
But check out these faces! The highlight for them was jumping up and down in the pool with their Daddy!
Fortunately for us all, summer is almost over!!!!!!! We are so excited to have Brian home with us more! My schedule has changed for fall so that I work until 12 Tuesday through Friday. This is good for two reasons: the first is that our moms only have to watch them for a half day and 2 of those days Wyatt will be in school! The second is that Brian really likes getting his "morning alone" with the kids on Fridays. This is only going to last for 2 more months anyway since I'll be going on maternity leave, but it does make things a bit easier. I hate the idea of waking up every morning, but I like the idea of taking a nap with the kids every afternoon :)!

We finally made a decision about the car situation for Brian: we're fixing the Jeep! All of the parts have been ordered and it should be ready within a week and a half. I can't imagine what it will be like to not hear the Jeep turn into the neighborhood from the house, but a new transmission, engine and clutch should do the trick! Part of Brian really wanted a new car, but he also loves his Jeep and wanted to keep it. It just made sense to keep something he loved and make it new-ish than to go out of our way to buy a new car. We're getting a car seat for Wyatt for the back and Daddy will be pulling car pool duty once school starts!

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  1. Look at those happy faces!! :)
    I'm glad we're not the only one who keep making big fixes to our Jeep. We've put three transmitions in it over the years...!