Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wyatt's First Day of School!

Wyatt was SO excited to go to school on Tuesday. He asked about going as soon as he woke up that morning and he was ready to leave! We really talked preschool up over the last few days, and he couldn't wait to go!

We had a camera malfunction on the way to school. Wyatt's been really interested in taking pictures lately (and he's been getting some good ones), so I passed that camera back to him. This is the last "normal" picture taken that day:
Excited on the drive to school!
Following that photo, Wyatt put the camera on panoramic. And basically, even though Brian and I both took like a million pictures walking into school, we got NONE!

Here he is showing off his "make shift" backpack. We're ordering him one from Pottery Barn, but I feel like Brian is holding out until Wyatt changes his mind about the backpack he wants. Wyatt currently says he wants a Batman backpack, and I think Brian would prefer Yoda or Darth Vader. Anyway, he needs his name on the outside, so I improvised with a cut up manila folder and some balloon string!
And of course, we made him a sign to hold up for his pictures! I did the coloring myself :). Ha! I actually did a lot of coloring on Monday night. I think its therapeutic and I'm ready for a coloring book!
He did SUCH a good job on his first day! We walked him in the door, and then Brian walked him in the classroom while Reese and I waited at the door. She was in my arms saying "Bye Wyatt! Bye Wyatt!," and he didn't even look back! Brian showed him wear to put his backpack and reminded him where the bathroom was. Then Brian said, "Okay Buddy, Have a good day!" Wyatt said, "Bye Daddy," and didn't even give it a second thought. Brian leaned down for a kiss and we left. I said good bye to him, and he didn't even turn around. We dropped off our check and looked in on him before we left and he was fine!

Brian, Reese and I went around and ran a few errands (measuring the back of the Jeep for a car seat, checking on car seats), and then did a "drive by" of the playground to see if we could see Wyatt, but his class wasn't outside. Reese and I came home to stay with the guys assembling our entertainment center, and Brian went to get Wyatt. He ran in the door and said he had a great day! I asked what he did and he said, "I colored an apple, I went outside to play, I had a snack, and I went pee pee ALL BY MYSELF!" He was so excited to go back today, and he had another great day. I am so happy that he is loving school!

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