Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Couple Funnies

Here are just a few things the kids have said or done lately that made us laugh (and I don't want to forget!):

  • Wyatt saw a picture on his car seat, and while my mom was strapping him in, he said, "Look Didi! That means, don't pinch little boys pee pee's in the buckle!"  That's never actually happened to him, but I'm pretty sure that right now getting pinched down there is his worst fear!
  • Last night the kids didn't agree on which show they wanted to watch before bed.  Wyatt wanted to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Reese preferred the Fresh Beat Band.  I told them that they needed to settle it while I bathed Hudson, or they wouldn't watch a show.  This what I heard:
      • "Reesie, don't you want to watch Mickey Mouse?"
      • "No. I want to watch the Fresh Beat Band!"
      • "Reesie, it has Daisy and Minnie. You like them. They like to wear pretty bows in their hair, just like you."
      • "Um, no Wyatt."
      • "But it has Toodles.  You get to pick the Mousketool and it's like a game!"
      • "Oh. Okay, Wyatt.  I would like to watch Mickey Mouse!"

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