Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend!

We had a nice, relaxing Mother's Day Weekend.  Brian and the kids went to Chick Fil A to get me breakfast on Saturday morning (of course they're closed on Sundays!), and then he went to work for a few hours.  He met us at Wyatt's game and then we all came home and they spent the afternoon taking naps and playing bubbles outside.  I went off for a few hours by myself - got a pedicure, took advantage of Frappucinno Happy Hour at Starbucks, splurged on some new blush - and then came home.  I love my kids more than anything, but it was nice to have a few hours to myself!  Not having to worry about fights, or  anyone asking for juice or fighting over their place in a shopping cart is a nice little getaway sometimes.  My mom is really great about offering to take the kids every couple of weeks so I get some breaks, but I usually use those for errands.  On Saturday I just got to relax and it was great!

My parents invited us over to their house for a Mother's Day dinner on Saturday night.  They picked up Bella pizza and garlic knots and we just hung out at the house.  While we were there Bella (the dog, not the pizza place) was being exceptionally good with the kids.  She is trained so well, she doesn't jump on them or tackle them, and she always loves to play.  She is only a few months older than Wyatt after all!  I decided that since she was being so good, Hudson could have his first little session petting her.

Reaching out to pet her
Sizing each other up

Enjoying his first doggie kiss! 
It breaks my heart that Hudson is the first of our kids who didn't get to know Noelle at all, and he was the first who didn't get to pet her.  She was such a good girl, and I know she would have loved this little guy as much as we all do!  He'll know her through stories though, because Wyatt talks about her constantly.  A few weeks ago Brian asked him who his favorite dog is, and Wyatt replied, "I have two.  Noelley, and the dog you're getting me."  He also mentioned this mysterious dog the other day too, but we have no immediate plans to add another four legged creature to our family!
Doesn't Reese look thrilled to be having her picture taken?  Her little shirt says, "You wish you could hit like a girl!"  Ha!

Mother's Day was a super easy, super relaxed day.  I got to sleep in until 8:30, and Brian even took the kids to Target that morning so that the house would be nice and quiet so I could sleep.  I'm pretty sure that it was his first ever outing with all three kids alone.  He said it wasn't too bad, but I think he has different expectations of their behavior in public than I do!  Brian helped the kids make me cards and they were so sweet - Wyatt drew a giraffe in his!

They brought me breakfast and coffee and also made me muffins (they really wanted to bake), and we literally spent the rest of the day just hanging out.  We napped, we played, we watched Tigger & Pooh, Reese mentioned that she really wants a little sister named Darby (good luck with that one), and later in the day we went back to Target because we needed toilet paper!  We planned to grill out but the weather was so nasty that I didn't have anything thawed and ready by the time the sun came out, so Brian ended up getting Wawa subs for us to eat while we watched The Amazing Race finale - where the one team that we didn't want to win actually won!  It was nice to have a quiet day at home - especially because summer is quickly setting in and Brian's days are getting longer and longer - which I didn't even think was possible!  I am so thankful to have this amazing little family and be the mommy to these three incredible kids. They all brighten my world in ways I never even thought were possible!
Only one of my kids was interested in having their picture taken with me on Mother's Day! But his onesie says "I love Mom!"

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