Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Play Date at the Park!

Last week the kids and I met friends at the park for lunch and a play date.  Wyatt and Reese were really excited to swing again (after the obsession that developed on Easter), and I hadn't taken them to this park before so they were really excited to do some fun new things.  My biggest concern was that the area was huge, but they both stayed with me and made sure that they could see me.  Our rule is that if they can't see me, I can't see them!  Wyatt especially is getting very good at listening and making sure to stay with me when we go places.  He's probably figured out that it's the only way he'll ever get to do anything!

Swinging on the Monkey Bars
She has so much fun on the swings!
Brian and I have decided to  go ahead and buy a swing set for our yard, the only question is how we'll get it up!  It takes hours and hours to do, and unfortunately Brian doesn't have the time since we're getting closer to summer.  I think we're getting this one from Sam's Club, we just have to order it (and find someone to do it!).  I love taking the kids to the park, but it can be a bit of a pain sometimes to get all three of them loaded up, and we didn't move to a neighborhood (or even really a city) with neighborhood park.  It was the only thing I really liked about our old neighborhood, we were able to go frequently!  Hopefully that will be one thing that will keep us busy this summer - I am really wondering what we're going to do with our time when Wyatt isn't in school all summer!

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