Monday, May 30, 2011

School Update!

Wyatt's school does "pony pictures" each spring, and we just got his back from his teacher at our parent teacher conference last week!

How adorable is he on that pony?  He was so excited when we pulled into school and he saw them!

We had our second parent teacher conference with his teacher, and it was so nice to get some feedback about how Wyatt is doing.  We can call anytime, but unless he comes home without a stamp, I've never really felt compelled to! 

A few funny tidbits that we discovered are that Wyatt thinks our address is "close to his school," our phone number is "1," he wants to be Buzz Lightyear when he grows up, and he is apparently the most eager cleaner - upper in his class.  If you were going to ask me which one of those things I'm most surprised by, it would be the cleaning!

Academically he is doing really well!  He just needs to finish writing his letters to get into a phonics book, and we'll keep working on that through the summer.  For a little kid who only goes to school twice a week, that's a pretty big accomplishment.  No one in his class is in a phonics book yet, but she said he's one of three who are pretty close!  The thing we found most surprising was that Wyatt, who drives along in the car and goes through his life telling me what letter every single thing he sees starts with, will not tell Ms. Cindy any letter sounds!  He is such a little stinker! She said that he is a leader in the class, and the little kid that everyone else wants to play with.  She said that he shares well some of the time, but that in a class of all boys, they all always want to play with the same thing! 

At his school we can either walk them in and go in to get them, or we can do "car pool," where they take him out of the car in the morning and then bring him out and strap him in when I pick him up.  Before Hudson was born (and I was still working), pick ups and drop offs were Brian's thing, and Brian always walks him in and goes in to get him.  Since I almost always have the other two I always car pool.  Wyatt told me recently that he loves car pool because he feels like a big boy when he gets to walk in by himself.  His classroom is right at the front of the school, so one day I watched him go in his class.  He hopped through the doorway and started high fiving his friends!  I was laughing so hard at how big he seemed and part of me was so sad because he is getting so big!

One more thing I don't want to forget, on Thursday I picked him up and asked him how his day was.  He told me, "Mom, it was great!  I got a sticker for being the best dancer in my class.  Ms. Cindy have me and Joshua stickers and we high fived!"  I am a little shocked by this dancing accomplishment, but he was just so proud of himself!

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