Friday, May 27, 2011

Hudson's First Trip to Busch Gardens!

We have been talking about going to Busch Gardens for awhile, but we were finally able to go the Sunday before last (and yes, I am so behind on blogging that I am writing about something we did almost two weeks ago)! It was Hudson's first trip, and I have to brag about him.  He was such a little dream.  He sat nicely in his stroller all day and didn't cry or whine.  Such a good little baby!

Our first stop as usual was Sesame Place.  Reese loved seeing Abby Cadaby.  I couldn't believe she got her picture taken with her!

Because I was pregnant last summer, I didn't get the "opportunity" to ride this ride with the kids.  This ride is about as hard core as I go.  I don't know why I can't ride roller coasters anymore, I used to love them!

Hudson tried to cross the bridge!

I just love the facial expressions in the next few pictures!  The looks on their little faces make it so worth it!  There are times they don't listen.  They throw tantrums.  They drive me crazy some days.  But there is nothing better in this entire world than seeing them happy and having fun! And the smiles make the bad days disappear from my memory (kind of).

We had a really fun day, and by the time we left (around 3:30) everyone was exhausted.  Hudson was not thrilled during parts of the ride home, and I think we were shocked that Wyatt didn't fall asleep.  There was massive traffic on the highways and we ended up using the maps app on our iPhones to get us home a back way!  They had such a great time, and once we get an idea of what Brian's work schedule is going to be this summer we will definitely plan another trip!

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