Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wyatt's Last Game!

Wyatt's last tee ball game was last Saturday (told you I'm behind).  I can't tell you how bummed we were that his season was ending.  When we were getting ready for the game that day he told me that he doesn't want to play soccer anymore, just baseball!  They do have Fall Ball, so he will probably play that, but I hate limiting his sports at the age of 4!  Unfortunately, scheduling really just limits us to one!

For most games there were three coaches on the field with him - two in the field and one with the pitcher (mainly to stop any balls that might hurt the kids).  For the final games the coaches left the kids in the field on their own (except the pitcher) to give them a chance to make their own decisions.  It was a pretty big step for the kids to figure out where the plays were and doing it on their own.

He played in the outfield for two innings, and he also got to pitch (we he loved)!

He made a few good stops with throws to first, which I guess is probably the only thing they can really do when "pitching" in tee ball!

Who's on first?

He got three good hits, and he had a great day!

It amazes me that last year when he was playing soccer we couldn't get him to give the other team high five's!

Final team huddle!

He was not interested in taking a picture at all!
It was a great season, and we are just so proud of what a great job he did.  Not only was he the youngest kid on his team, he barely met the cut off to play.  Things that I was worried about, like his attention span, his size (in comparison to everyone else) and his socialization became non issues. He learned so much in just one season, and he still asks every day if he has a game anytime soon.  I am so looking forward to watching this guy play as he gets bigger!

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  1. Mimi and Baba think he had a fantastic season too. We were very proud of the way Wyatt played as a member of the team. We can't wait until his next season.